Daily Profit and Loss Statements

  • Easily generate financial statements from anywhere via the web.  Know exactly how your business is doing.
  • Receive your daily summary of operations each morning in your inbox for the previous day.
  • Automatically calculates daily expenses based on inventory usage. Reconciled when periodic inventory completed.

Automatic Staff On-boarding and Scheduling

  • On-board new employees painlessly including getting all the right forms filled out.
  • Scheduling for shifts automated via mobile phone messaging.
  • Time clock prevents employees from clocking in before their shift starts without manager override.
  • Overtime alerts help save expenses.
  • Training automated and tracked.

One Click Bill Pay, Payroll and Invoicing

  • View and approve invoices from anywhere. Eliminate the stacks of paper.  Everything is on-line.
  • Approve and pay bills with a single click – no more check writing.
  • Staff hours worked automatically obtained from your POS system for payroll.
  • Single click payroll including statements like W2s and paystubs.
  • Automated handling of employee liability payments, including employee garnishments and employee contributions.
  • Automated customer invoicing and tracking. Create the invoice and send online (it would be printed and mailed for you).
  • Eliminate per check payroll processing fees for both direct deposit and physical payroll checks.

Control Costs and Fraud

  • Time spent on bookkeeping dramatically reduced so you can spend more time with customers.
  • Better visibility helps avoid fraud.

Easy to Implement and Use

  • Import initial financial data from QuickBooks
  • Integrates tightly with any POS system.
  • No software to install.  Everything is in the Cloud.


  • Automatically backed up to the cloud.